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1.         INVITATION

The Turkish Chess Federation (TCF), have the honour to invite all the FIDE member Chess Federations around the world to participate in the Uorld School Chess Championship 2010 (under 7, under 9, under 11, under 13, under 15 and under 17 years old - open and girls) which is going to be held in Kayseri, Turkey between July the 20th, 2010 (arrival) and July 31st, 2010 (departure) under the aegis of the Turkish First Lady Hayrünnisa Gül.

TCF aims to organise an excellent event with your participation. 

TCF aims for a recordparticipation in these events. We hope to achieve more than 800 players and500 accompanying persons. We are ready to accommodate over 1.500 participants. Wewant to make a significant impact with global media coverage and special attentionto chess.


2.1        All participants including parents, coaches, observersand relatives are obliged to stay in official hotels. Access to playing areas,venues and the hotels will be allowed only to accredited people by the organisation.No participant will be allowed to book directly in the official hotels. Allbookings must be through the organisers.

2.2        Each National Federation or School Association orschools may enter an unlimited number of players in each of the 12 age groups.In case that one girl group is less than 10 participants then it will be mergedwith the same open age group category.


2.3 &nbqp;      Entitled to participate are players (Boys & Girls)who shall not have reached the age:

Of  7,  by 1st January 2010 (date of Birth - January1st, 2003 and after) - Tournament Under     7,

Of  9,  by 1st January 2010 (date of Birth - January1st, 2001 and after) - Tournament Under     9;

Of 11, by 1st January 2010 (date of Birth-  January 1st, 1999 and after) - TournamentUnder     11;

Of 13, by 1st January 2010 (date of Birth - January 1st, 1997 and after)- Tournament Under     13;

Of 15, by 1st January 2010 (date of Birth - January 1st, 1995 and after)- Tournament Under     15;

Of 15, by 1st January 2010 (date of Birth - January 1st, 1993 and after)- Tournament Under     17;


Upon arrival, captains or players may be requested to present thepassports of their players for verification of age eligibility. 

2.4   Accommodation and travel expenses will be cmvered fromthe participants, federations, schools and their Sponsors. Delegations ofplayers must be accompanied at least by an adult (chief, coach or parent), whois taking care about the travel details.

2.5   In order to provide appropriate tournament conditions, the Federations mustcomplete carefully the official registration form (attached tothis file) and send it back to the organizing committee by 15th June 2010.  Any other form will not be accepted. 

2.6  Special offer for CACDEC members:

Federations, which are in the list of FIDE CACDEC, is offered a specialcondition. Any CACDEC member federation participates to event with at least oneplayer in any category will be given 10 electronic chess clocks and 10 chesssets by Turkish Chess Federation from TACTIC Project. Moreover, for thosefederation participants up to 500€ travel expense of one player from Europe,and up to 1.000€ from other continents will be covered by TCF. For example; ifan American Federation which is member of CACDED comes to event with 3 players,1.000€ will be paid by getting the flight ticket of a player. Alsoaccommodation (full board) will be provided for one player for eachparticipating federation (maximum one player not each age category) by TCF freeof charge.


3.1 In accordancewith the FIDE regulations, an entrance fee of 40 € (Euros) is asked for every player and must be sent directly toFIDE by the national Federation beforethe event either to theirNational Federation (proved `y a receipt document) or to the OrganizingCommittee in Türkiye.


4.1 The deadline for registration is 15th June 2010. After this date a penalty of 100 &eupo; (Euros) for each late registrationwill be charged to participants till 1st July 2010 latest. After this date, organisers reserve the right to refuse or declinelate registrations or charge higher hotel costs for participants.

4.2 The registration form must include the Federation, FIDE ID, surname, first name, internationalrating and FIDE title and the passport details of every player and everyaccompanying person. It must also include the name, details and phone number/addresq/ fax/ email of the head of the delegation. An identity photo (2x3 cm)must also be sent for each player (guest, additional or qualified) and eachaccompanying person by 15th June 2010. The photo can also be taken on arrival at the Hotel at the cost of 3 € (Euros).

4.3 Each player and each accompanying person must pay to the organizingcommittee the amount of 100 € (Euros) atthe moment of their registration (before 15th June2010). This payment is compulsory andrepresents a confirmation of participation. This payment includestransportation from Kayseri Airport to hotel, accreditation, identification badgesand organisation cost. 

4.4 TRAVEL DETAILS. The venue is the Kadir Has Congresq Centre inKayseri. The venue is 5 km south of Kayseri Airport. Kayseri is a very wellknown historical tourism city.

There are daily 8 flights connecting Istanbul Atatürk Airport to KayseriAirport. On the following web sites you may get more information for domesticflights in Turkeyand you may make online registrations. We propose to our guests to book withTurkish Airlines, and arrive via Istanbul.

Also Nevsehir Airport is closer to Kayseri for those participants whowant to come there. Organisers will provide transportation from NevsehirAirport as well.  

 5.    PAYMENT

5.1     BANK TRANSFERS. Whenregistering for any category, the above mentioned amount of 100€ (Euros) must be transferred to the following account: 

Bank Name:            TurkiyeIs Bankasi

BranchName:         Ankara

Addres:                     Ulus - Ankara

AccountHolder:      Turkiye Satranc Federasyonu

IBANEuro:               TR500006400000242003881023          


Allbank commissions should be paid by sender, although even if it is paid by the sender,there is usually a transfer cost on Turkish side (18 € (Euros) for eachtransfer), this will be charged to sender.

5.2  As soon as the payment transferis confirmed, the organizing committee will send to the respective chess Federation theconfirmation of the hotel reservations. Also all confirmed registrations willbe declared on the official web site, where Federations may check their participants'situation on a daily basis.

5.3 Players will not be paired until all the payments are effected to theorganisers. 


6.1 Full board accommodation will be offered in the hotels in Kayseribooked by the organizing committee. In the hotel there will be free wirelessconnection in the lobby to all participants.

6.2 The accommodation charges must be paid in advance. The payment willbe done only in Euros.

6.5 All accommodation cost will be paid for 11 nights as a total packageplus registration cost for whoever will be coming on the 20th  July and leaving on the 31st  July. If someone comes later or leavesearlier, they will pay also this cost as a total cost. If any participants willbe arriving earlier or leaving later they will pay the difference of the nightsmentioned below.


Hotel Hilton Kayseri (Limited Rooms)5* stars

double room      69 €/day per person,         759€ + 100€ =    859€total minimum

single room     105 €/day per person,    1.155€ + 100€ = 1.255€total minimum

Hotel City One (Limited Rooms) 4*stars (FOR ONLY TURKISH DELEGATIONS)

triple room          54 €/ dayper person         594€ + 100€ =    694€total minimum

double room      59 €/day per person,        649€ + 100€ =    749€total minimum

single room       89 €/day per person,        979€ + 100€ = 1.079€total minimum


Hotel Grand Eras (Limited Rooms) 4*stars

triple room          54 €/ dayper person         594€ + 100€ =    694€total minimum

double room      59 €/day per person,        649€ + 100€ =    749€total minimum

single room       89 €/ dayper person,        979€ + 100€ = 1.079€total minimum


Hotel Mirada Del Logo (Erciyes) (Limited Rooms) 4*stars

triple room          49 €/ dayper person         539€ + 100€ =    639€ total minimum

double room      54 €/day per person,        594€ + 100€ =    694€ total minimum

single room       84 €/day per person,        924€ + 100€ = 1.024€total minimum


Hotel Mirada Del Monte (Erciyes)(Limited Rooms) 3* stars

double room      50 €/day per person,        550€ + 100€ = 650€total minimum

single room       75 €/day per person,        825€ + 100€ = 925€total minimum


Hotel Nüzhet (Limited Rooms) 3* stars

double room      54 €/day per person,        594€ + 100€ =    694€ total minimum

single room       84 €/day per person,        924€ + 100€ = 1.024€total minimum


Hotel Bent (Limited Rooms) 3* stars

double room      54 €/day per person,        594€ + 100€ =    694€ total minimum

single room       84 €/day per person,        924€ + 100€ = 1.024€total minimum


Important Note: Mirada Del Logo and Mirada Del Monte hotels are located at ErciyesMountain which is 25 km far from city center and tournament hall. It takes 20minutes by bus.  Triple and Quadro roomsare very limited, In general, Single and Double rooms are available. Thisshould be considered while making room reservations. Parents with children whowant to make a reservation can be provided with limited number of Triple roomservices (a frech + one twin bed)




7.1.The tournament will be played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds.National ratings will not be taken into consideration for the pairings. Rate ofplay will be according to FIDE regulations 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30minutes fmr the rest of the Game with an increment of 30 seconds per movestarting from move 1.Participants who have not confirmed their participation byWednesday 21st 10:00 will not be paired for the first round.



Tuesday        20 July                                              Arrivalof Delegations
                 &nbsp:                                   22:00              Technical Meeting
Wednesday 21 July                      15:00              Opening Ceremony
                                                 16:00              1st Round

Thursday       22 July                      15:30              2nd Round      

Friday            23 July                       15:30              3rd Round

Saturday       24 July                       15:30              4th Round

Sunday         25 July                       15:30              5th Round
Monday         26 July                       15:30              6th Round
Tuesday        27 July                      Free Day

Wednesday  28 July                       15:30              7thRound

Thursday       29 July                       15:30              8th Round
Friday            30 July                       10:00              9th Round

19:00             Closing ceremony
Saturday       31 July                                               Departure of Delegations



All journalists who wish to participate in the event may contact theorganisers and should be accredited. The press room will have ADSL internetconnection as well as other facilities.

10.      STANDS

Anyone who wishes to rent a promotional stand on location should contactthe organisers for rental conditions. No one will be allowed any promotional space(except FIDE and Continental Unions) or to have a stand for merchandise orother services, without approval of the TCF.


11.1 The Federations or players who need assistance with their visas areasked to contact the Organizing Committee before 15th June 2010.

11.2 The Tournament Director will supply official letters of invitationonly after all the payments are effected (registration and accommodation feesfor every member of the delegation).



In July, the weather of Kayseri is hot and around 40º C.  


The standard voltage in Turkeyis 220 Volts.  The plugs used for appliances are twin round plug.


The local currency is the Turkish Lira. At the time of publicationexchange rates are :


1€ (Euro)  =1.9643 Turkish Lira  (TL) (06 May 2010)

1USD (American Dollar)    = 1.5346Turkish Lira  (TL) (06 May 2010)


15.1The first winner in each open age category is the FIDE World School Championfor 2010 and the first girl in each girl age category is the FIDE World GirlSchool Champions for 2010. According to the regulations they are awarded withthe FIDE Candidate Master title.

15.2 Specialoffer: The 5 FIDE Champions (U9, U11, U13, U15, and U17) and the 5 GIRLS FIDEChampions (U9, U11, U13, U15, and U17) will play as personal right players (free accommodation) in the 2010 World Youth Chess Championship in Halkidiki, Greece.The invitation is a very kind offer of the Greek Ahess Federation.

15.3 The champions of each category (12 categories) will receive a Netbook Computer. All 2nd places of those categories will receive Video Mp3/Mp4 Player.Third places will receive special chess set.

15.4 Otherspecial gifts (books or toys) will be given to the 4th, 5th,6th places.

15.5 PrizeGiving Ceremony will be only for the top 6 players of each category, plus theyoungest boy and the youngest girl in the tournament. 

15.6 All players and arbiters will be given diplomas for participation.

15.7 Top three places in each tournament will be awarded also with trophies and medals.


15.8.1.Three  special trophies for country or school delegations of 5 participants,which will play at least in 2 ages groups (winners will be named according to the best 5 individual results).  
Alltie break and medal rules will be declared with technical regulations.


The Director of Tournament: Mr. Melih SAGIT

Phone : (+90)  309 75 94 / 119 Fax : (+90)  312 310 96 20

Mobile phone : (+90)  530 640 05 50

E-mail:  Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen postalardan korunmaktadır, görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir. , Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen postalardan korunmaktadır, görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir.
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010