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6th World School Chess Championship Starts

sampiyona_oncesi_hazirliklar_027.jpg6th World School Chess Championship will be held between 20-31 July 2010. About 355 players and 506 participants are going to join the event. With all accompanying persons, coaches and VIPs the total number of people is expected to reach 1000. The tournament, which will be held for the first time in Turkey, is going to take place in Kayseri under the auspices of Mrs Hayrunnisa Gül, the precious wife of the President of Turkish Republic Mr. Abdullah Gül.

Turkish Chess Federation personnel is going on their work with preparing live broadcast, the accreditation of participants, preparation of the tournament hall and other technical issues.

 sampiyona_oncesi_hazirliklar_024.jpg  sampiyona_oncesi_hazirliklar_008.jpg

The groups have arrived to the hotels they're going to stay during the event. The accreditation process has also started.

 sampiyona_oncesi_hazirliklar_003.jpg  sampiyona_oncesi_hazirliklar_036.jpg

                                       The live broadcast team and the arbiters are doing their last preparations. 


                  The Technical meeting of the championship was held in Kadir Has Congress Center at 22.00.      

   The draw shot has been done by little players.
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010