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After The Second Day
For the second round, players started to arrive to the tournament hall by 3 pm. Interested parents watched the games from the public gallery and live from the internet. U17 and U15 categories saw challenging games whereas the games of other categories was rather short. In the U17 open category an interesting game was played on the second board between Javakhadze Zurab and Irmak Sipahioğlu.  In the middle game Irmak exchanged a knight in exchange for three pawns. Altought he had an active position, he lost the game due to his weak pawns. In the same category, FM Burak Fırat took home the full point against Demre Kerigani who came second in the last Turkish Championship, after a hard struggle with black pieces. One of Turkish national players Büşra Soydan, drew against WFM Rodriguez Rueda Paula Andrea in the U15 girls category. There are 10 players with 2 points in U11 open and 8 players in U13 open categories. This results shows us that these categories will be challenging as well.

                                                                                         May I ask something?
The bulletin team begins to work about an hour after the start of the rounds. All the games in 7-17 age categories are first transferred to computer medium. Then it's printed out and presented as a bulletin to players and participants. The bulletin team has 5 experienced members and they're working hard to transfer the games correctly and fast.

                                                                          'Better win quickly and come, I'm sleepy'    
                                                                                        Twins face each other
 2.tur_114.jpg  2.tur_090.jpg
                                                                                                Two cute players     
                                                                         Chess or drawing? I think a might be an artist!
                                                                                              Analysis table
                                                                           Parents are always the best supporters
                                                                                          A stylish chess player
 2.tur_087.jpg  2.tur_118.jpg
                                                                                    Seriousness and concentration
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010