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News From The 3rd Round

img_1138.jpgIn the third day of the championship the players from the 7 and 17 girls categories played 2 rounds. In the other categories the third round was played.

In the U17 open category, the game  between Taylan Can Tekeli  and Demre Kerigan is worth mentioning. Both sides had mutual chances after the opening. White got a favourable position with the move 19.b5!. Although black tried to create counterplay in the following two moves with 19...Qa5 20. bxc6 Bc5!?, after the moves 21. Nd5 0-0 22. Rxc5! it was clear that white had the upper hand. White won the game using the passed c-pawn and his bishop pair. After 2 rounds Aisa Imeeva and Emel kaya share the first place in U17 girls category.

In the U15 Open category seven players share the first place with 2,5 points. WFM Adriana Pachon (COL) has the first place in the U15 Girls category. In one of the interesting games of this category, Kardelen Cemhan beat her opponent Olta Caka with a knight sacrifice followed by a mate in move 20.
Three players share the first place with full point in the U13 open category. On the first board Cemil Can Ali Marandi, one of young Turkish FMs, chose a passive but solid continuation against his opponent Vasilyev Vasily's 1.d4. Vasily played the opening rather fast, which shows he had experience in this line. Particularly worth noting was white's 17.c5! move. This move seems to weaken the d4 pawn and leaving the d5 square to black but it leaves the b7 bishop passive and achieves a spatial advantage on the queenside. Cemil Can's answer to this plan wasn't late. He returned his bishop to c8 and with the move e5, he reactivated his white-squared bishop, taking advantage of white queen and rook being on the same diagonal, on squares e4 and d3. When the complications was over, black was a pawn up in a rook bishop endgame and he managed to turn his advantage into a full point. After three rounds 2 players share the first place in the U13 girls category.

In the categories U11 Open and Girls two players share the first place each.
5 players share the first place in the U9 Open category and 3 player share the first place in the category U9 Girls.
Both U7 Open and U7 Girls categories have 2 players sharing the first place.

 img_1070.jpg  img_1071.jpg
15 arbiters are working for the 6th World Scholl Chess Championship. The chief arbiter of the tournament is IA H. Guran Unal.
Today The provincial Education Director of Kayseri visited the tournament hall, watched the games and got information about the championship.
                                                                      ' This place is a bit cold, don't you think? '
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                                                                                       ' Hello from Kayseri '
                        WGM Anastasia Karlovich is here with us in Kayseri to publish news to international chess websites
                                                                          ' One day I'll be the world champion '
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                                                                                            Natural doping
                                                                                      ' You better bring me luck '
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010