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Fourth Day Finished
Today the fifth round was played in the categories U7 and U17 girls, whereas the fourth round was played in the other categories.

In the U17 girls category, the game between Emel Kaya and Govher Jorayewa is one of the notable games in this round. In the opening, which transposed into a Pirc Defense with a different move order, white chose to look for an advantage in the endgame after black's 7...e5 move with 8.dxe5 and 9.Qxd8 instead of keeping the tension in the center or playing 8.d5 and achieving a spatial advantage in the queenside, making the position somewhat like King's Indian Defense. Black underestimated White's oppourtinities on the queenside and played the careless 13...Nh5?! move after which white gained the edge with 14.Nb5!. The bishop pair, the advantage on the queenside and the weakness of the double e-pawns was enough for white to take the full point. With this win, Emel Kaya became the sole leader of the category. In the U17 open category there are 5 players sharing the first place.

The opening of the game Adriana Pachon -  Bayarjargal Bayarmaa in the U15 Girls category was the Alapin Variation of Sicilian Defense. In the spirit of the opening white got an active position in return for an isolated d pawn. Adriana placed her knights on outposts e5 and c5, forcing her opponent to get into a passive position. Although white managed to make the d4 pawn a passed pawn, the players have agreed on a draw in a heavy piece ending. With this half point, Adriana kept her first place. The U15 Open category has two players sharing the first place, Ege Köksal and Nafis Topalov (RUS).
In the U13 Girls category Ramilya Zamalova (RUS) is the sole leader with 4 points. CM Vahap Şanal got an important point and advanced to the first place in the U13 Open category.
In U11 girls category, Zhansaya Abdumalik (KAZ) is the sole leader. In another challenging category, U11 Open, six players share the first place.
Bora Bölükbaşı got an important point using the Cambridge Springs Defense with black pieces in the U9 Open category. The U9 Girls category has one player who has the first place, Khanim Asad Qizi Balajayeva (AZE).
In U7 Girls category Mayya Elieliseeva (RUS) is the sole leader without any loss and in the open category of the same age Kağan Aydınçelebi is going on his way without any loss likewise.

                            A variety of chess equipments and books are available in the stand of The Turkish Chess Federation.
 round4_014.jpg  round4_081.jpg
                                              Everyday girls come to the round with classy, colorful dresses and accessories.
One of the local players; Ege Çelik, was hospitalized in the first day of the championship due to appendicitis. He has undergone a surgery, which could only keep him away from the tournament for two days. This is what we call chess love.  
                                                   Many players bring mascots to the rounds, which they think bring luck.
round4_108.jpg   round4_110.jpg
                                     Parents watch the games live from their laptops and also observe their children playing.
                                                           The wind from the World Cup blows here in Kayseri as well.
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010