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The Halfway Mark Passed


The fifth round of 6th World School Chess Championship is over. Today the spectators witnessed some short games in the U17 Open and U15 Girls categories.

In the game Burak Fırat versus Irmak Sipahioğlu in U17 Open category black didn't go for 11...Qxb2 but played Bb4+. After 12.c3 it was clear that white had the upper hand and Irmak chose to resign. This category has two players sharing the first place with 4 points each, Burak Fırat and Maksat Atabayev(TKM). In the U17 Girls category Emel Kaya is still the sole leader although she lost to Altanulzii Enkhtuul (MGL).

Another short game of today was played between Büşra Soydan and Abadan Gurtgeldiyeva in the U15 Girls Category where Büşra surprised her opponent with the Scotch Gambit. Black, who saw the position was hopeless after 7.Qd5, resigned. Adriana Pachon (COL) won her game today and kept her leadership. In the challenging category U15 Open, 4 players share the first place.

In the U13 Open category Ayan Akhmetov(KAZ) won against CM Vahap Şanal and advanced to the first place.
U13 Girls category has one player in the first place, Ramilya Zamalova(RUS).

First board of the U11 Open category saw a nice win by Reza M Asgharzadeh against Utku Senan Öntürk. With the moves 11.Ne5 and 13.f4 white made it clear that he has intentions to attack on the kingside. After a few inaccuracies by black, white seized the initiative on the kingside leaving black no option but to resign. In this category Volkan Sevgi, Reza M. Asgharzadeh(IRI) and Alcantara Jose Eduardo Martinez(PER) are the leaders. Zhansaya Abdumalik(KAZ) is the sole leader of the U11 Girls Category.

In the U9 Open category Aryan Gholami and Belurkar Nitish share the first place with 4,5 point each. Bengü Sena Ayan, in the U9 Girls category, won against Parnian Abbasi(IRI) and catched Khanim Asad Qizi Balajayeva, who drew against Fatemen Seyed Hashemi. These players share the first place.

Saberi Kamarposhti Mahan of the U7 Open category won his game and got the leadership. In the U7 Girls category Mayya Eliseeva is going on her way without a loss.

Simten Kamber, one of the Turkish arbiters, sang the Turkish chess song with players before the round. Here is a short passage from the song:
                                                                            'This game is very beautiful
                                                                             The goal is to protect the king
                                                                             No matter if you win or lose
                                                                             Shake hands before you leave the table'
round5_159.jpg   round5_213.jpg
                                                                               Challenge and sportmanship together
                                          Abstracting herself from the world by stopping her ears and focusing on the board.
round5_201.jpg  round5_205.jpg 
                                                                                                    Tired looks

                               Ethem Büyükaşık from the bulletin team, who knows Arabic, is helping the arbiters with translation.
round5_234.jpg   round5_235.jpg
                                                      Every player has a special posture thinking about the next move.
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010