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Brief Summary of Round 6


Today eighth round was played in U7 and U17 categories whereas the sixth round was played in other categories. The excitement grows as there's 3 days to the end of the championship.

In the game Aisa Imeeva(RUS) vs. Selen Sop of the U17 Girls category the Najdorf variation of the Sicilian Defense was played. Black managed to equalize with the typical 14...d5!. White looked for initiative on the kingside with the Rf3-h3 maneouvre. After the careless 34...Rd3 of black, white responded with 35.Nf6! building a mating net. White won the game with a simple but classy queen sacrifice.In this category Emel Kaya and Aisa Imeeva(RUS) are sharing the first place.

Today, in one of the interesting games of U17 Open category, Engin Topak replied his opponent Zurab Javakhadze's 1.Nf3 with Double Fianchetto. White didn't continue his development with the normal looking 5.Bg2 but chose the interesting 5.e4 after which he went on to search the initiative on the queenside with Rb1 and b4. White could have also chosen to play on the kingside with Nh4 followed by f4. Black took advantage of the unprotected position of the white knight on c3 after white's 10.b4 and activated his pieces with the maneouvre Ng4-e5. The move 15...f5 was a clear sign that black was going for the win. Another interesting move of black was 27...b5!. Although Black had to give away the quality after 29.Nxf4 Nxf4 30. Bxf4 his passed pawns on the center compansated it. Black's 31...Be4?! was dubious. We should mention that in this position both sides were under time pressure. A possibly stronger continuation was 31...Qxb8 32.Rxe8 Qxe8 33.Kxg2 bxc4. In this variation black has both two passed pawns in the center and a strong bishop on g7. After the move played, black couldn't protect his two pawns and lost the game. In the game for the first place, Burak Fırat beat Maksat Atabayev.

U15 Girls saw the game Aytolun Gürcan vs. Nur Desy Fitriyah (INA) where black played the Hedgehog system and achieved a passive but solid position. White looked for chances both on the kingside and queenside with 13.b4 and 16.g4. Black replied white's 18.Qg4 with the typical 18...e5!, which gave a slight edge to black. Although the 28.Nxg7 sacrifice was wrong, it was worth mentioning due to its psychological value. Black hold the position with the cold-blooded moves 28...Ne5! and 31...Rf8. After that black also activated her queen with the maneouvre Qc8-c2 proving that there's no compensation for the sacrificed piece. Black won the game. WFM Adriana Pachon (COL) is the sole leader of this category. In U15 Open category Ege Köksal won his game today and became the leader.

In U13 Girls category Ayyyna Egorova(RUS) and Ramilya Zamalova(RUS) share the first place. In the open category of the same age the leader has changed. FM Cemil Can Ali Marandi beat Ayan Akhmetov(KAZ), who had the first place yesterday, and took over the leadership.

Both the U11 Girls category and U11 Open category has one sole leader, Zhansaya Abdumalik(KAZ) and Alcantara Jose Eduardo Martinez (PER).  In the 3rd board of the U9 Open category the game Vugar Afgan Oglu Asadli(AZE) vs. Anton Sidorov (RUS) started with a classical Italian Opening. White achieved some spatial advantage on the kingside with one of the main ideas of this opening Nb1-d2-f1-g3, Nh2-g4 and Nh4-f5 maneouvres. White's kingside attack became dangerous because black was late finding a counterplay on the center. Especially after 22.f6! black found himself in a position which is hard to defend. It wasn't possible to play 22...gxf6 because of 23.Bxh6! followed by Rxh6 and Ra1-h1 mate. After a few strong moves by white, black's position collapsed. The position, which the chess books often express as "the rest is technique", was won by white easily. In this category 5 players share the first place. In the girls category of the same age Balajayeva Khanim Asad Qizi is still the sole leader.

In the U7 Open category Kağan Aydınçelebi won against Emirhan Tarlabaşı and share the first place with Saberi Kamarposhti Mahan. In U7 Girls category Mayya Eliseeva is the sole leader without a loss.

 img_7661.jpg  img_7677.jpg
                                 &nbqp;                               Parents wishing luck to their children before the rounds.
 img_7708.jpg  img_7709.jpg
                                                                    Players from different cultures wearing local clothes.
                           The longest match of the day was between Berk Vatansever and Dasantha Supun Kuruppu (SRI).
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