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Interview With WGM Anastasia Karlovich
1.jpgYou are in Kayseri as a journalist to make news about the 6th World School Chess Championship for media.

-Have you been in Turkey before?

A.K : Yes, I`ve been to Turkey many times before. I`ve played some Open tournaments in Istanbul and participated in Turkish Team Championships as a member of THY and Pamukale.

-When did you start playing chess?

A.K : I start playing chess when I was 9 years old. I was attending the chess course in the primary school. Some schools still have chess lessons it depends on the government of the school.

-What are your impressions of the tournament and organisation?

A.K : The organisation of the tournament is on the high level. I can make special mention of the spacious playing venue, the bug-free schedule and people in organisation who can help to solve any problem.

-You live in Ukraine, how is the interest for chess there?

A.K : There is a respect for chess which comes from the USSR times. We have also strong National Teams and many good chess players. Comparing to the past times the interest to chess has falling. But since April we have a new President of the UCF and there are some hopes that an attention and support of chess will increase.

-Chess is elective course in primary schools in Turkey. How do you assess the relationship between chess and education for children?

A.K : I`ve read some researches about that subject and they show an increase in pupil’s scores. I believe chess can help children to develop their abilities.

- How do you prepare for the tournament and games?

A.K : Well.. to tell the truth I didn’t prepare to any game in the last tournament I`ve played. It was mostly vocations for me, but suddenly I shared second-third places being 8th in the rating-list. I don`t play chess too often any more but usually my preparation includes checking some variations in the chessbase programme. Nowadays I give chess lessons for children and check their preparation and mistakes!

- Who is your favourite player?

A.K : Mikhail Tal.

- Which goals do you have? Are you going to be a chess player all your life or do you have different plans?

A.K : I hope I`ll be connected to chess all my life. It doesn`t matter if I`m a journalist who writes about chess, a chess player, coach or an organiser of a chess event. At the same moment I understand it`s very hard to be a professional chess player and earn enough money from the participation in tournaments. I also study in the National law academy of Ukraine named by Yaroslav the Wise and try make my PHD in constitutional law.

- Don't you think it's very difficult for a professional chess player to make a family?

A.K : In my opinion a chess player has better chances to make a family with somebody who plays chess or understands chess. There is also chance to build a family if the other person (out of chess) is self-confident enough to accept mobile life of the chess player. The popularity of chess increases rapidly in Turkey and it looks like Turkish chess players will not have problems with understanding.

- What do you like to do aside from chess?

A.K : I like to travel, to take pictures, to spend time with my friends, to read, to watch movies etc.

-What do you recommend for the young Turkish players to be successful in chess?

A.K : Improve your skills and don’t have a fear!

By Asli Kara

 Turkish Chess Federation 2010