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The Champions Are Becoming Evident


As we're entering the last round, two players guaranteed the first place. These players are Zhansaya Abdumali (KAZ) of the U11 Girls category and WFM Adriana Pachon(COL) of the U15 Girls category.

The closing ceremony will be held tomorrow at 19.00 in Kadir Has Congress Center.

In the U17 Open category Burak Fırat played actively from the start of the game against Efe Arda Okay and won with a nice combination, 23...Rxc1! followed by 24...Ne3+. On the second board of the same category Zurab Javakhadze (GEO) did a strong piece sacrifice against his opponent Burak Komut. Soon after this tactical possibility beginning with the move 23.Ne6! black's position collapsed and he was forced to resign the game two moves latep. In this category, FM Burak Fırat is the sole leader with 7 points. In the U17 Girls category, Emel Kaya played the accelerated dragon variation of the sicilian defense against her opponent Aisa Imeeva (RUS). The opening moves has been played many times and are well known. Emel could play actively with the moves 9...Nb4 10.Be3 d5 but she chose 9...d6 instead. Black's 17...Bf6 move was dubious. An alternative could be the move 17...Bh6 followed by 18...Re8. White could get the upper hand with 19.Red1! instead of 19.Rad1 after which black got counterplay with 19...Nxa4. When the complications were over, white was about to promote a pawn to queen and black didn't have any choice but go for perpetual check. The game was drawn. With this result Emel Kaya protected her first place with 8 points.

In the U15 Open category, Nafis Talipov (RUS), Rail Makhmutov (RUS) and Ufuk Sezen Arat are the players sharing the first place.

In the U13 Open category, the game between FM Cemil Can Ali Marandi vs. Batuhan Daştan was a short draw. Ayan Akhmetov (KAZ) catched Marandi by beating Vasily Vasilyev (RUS). These two players share the first place and the last round will declare the winner.

In the first board of the U11 Open category, Reza M. Asgharzadeh (IRI) and his opponent Bahadır Özen agreed on a draw in a complicated position. In this very challenging category Reza M. Asgharzadeh (IRI) and Alcantara Jose Eduardo Martinez (PER) share the first place.

Rad Jannesar (IRI) of the U9 Open category got the first place with 7 points today. In the U9 Girls category Khanim Asad Qizi Balajayeva (AZE) and Alexandra Obolentseva (RUS) share the first place with 6,5 points each as we move on the last round.

Saberi Kamarposhti Mahan (IRI) is the sole leader of the U7 Open category with 6,5 points, whereas Mayya Eliseeva (RUS) is the sole leader of U7 Girls category with 10 points.

Two players guaranteed the first place. These players are Zhansaya Abdumalik (KAZ) of the U11 Girls category with 8 points and WFM Adriana Pachon (COL) of the U15 Girls category with 6,5 points.


                        &lbsp;                   Turkish players had  taken photos before the start of the round in the public gallery.

     $nbsp;       Deputy President Tahsin Aktar and Vice President Gülkız Tülay gave memory souvenirs to the arbiters for their support.

           $nbsp;                                        Two young players from Tunisia, where chess isn't very popular yet.
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010