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WSCC 2010 Ends With The Award Ceremony


The final round of the 6th World School Chess Championship started at 10am. After the rounds were finished, the tournament was closed with the award ceremony at 7pm. The first 6 places of each category received their presents whereas the first 3 of every category received medals in addition to presents. Serkan Altıntuğ, the Deputy of Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri; FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos and Mevlüt Bilici, the Eovernor of Kayseri gave their speeches. After that they received their memory souvenirs from the President of Turkish Chess Federation, Ali Nihat Yazıcı and the award ceremony started.

You can find more information about final rankings and award-winners below.


 dsc_0073.jpg  dsc_0101.jpg
Ali Nihat Yazici also gave appreciation plaquettes for the memory of the tournament to Yahya Şahan the Director of Kayseri Youth and Sports, Hayri Naziksoy the Deputy General Secretary of Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri, Ömer Küçüközcan the Board Member of TCF, Melih Sağıt the Championship Director, Erman Üsküdarlı the General Secretary of TCF, IA Güran Ünal the Chief Arbiter, Ergün Sezer the Sports Manager of Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri and Cemal Yağız the Manager of Kadir Has Congress Center.

 dsc_0104.jpg &nbsp9dsc_0110.jpg

First, the youngest female and male player awards were given to Rayan Mohammed Ali Hassan (UAE) of the U7 Girls category (born in 15.04.2004) and Ridit Namdia (IND) of the U7 Open category (born in 23.08.2004). This was followed by the award of sportmanship, which was given to Ege Çelik who had a surgical operation on the 2nd day of the championship but nevertheless continued the tournament. Their presents were given by The Deputy President of TCF, Tahsin Aktar.

dsc_0139.jpg  dsc_0156.jpg 

The awards and presents of the U17 Girls category was given by Serkan Altıntuğ, the Deputy of Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri. Ali Nihat Yazıcı the TCF President, gave the awards and presents of the U17 Open category.

U17 General category

1. Burak Fırat (Türkiye) 8 points
2. Zurab Javakhadze (Georgia) 7,5 points
3. Yusup Atabayev(Türkmenistan) 6 points

U17 Girls category

1. Altanulzii  Enkhtuul (Mongolia) 8,5 points
2. Aisa Imeeva(Russia) 8 points
3. Emel Kaya (Türkiye) 8 points

dsc_0176.jpg  dsc_0185.jpg 

Gülkız Tülay the Vice President of TCF gave the presents and awards of the U15 Girls category. The awards and presents of U15 Open category was given by Hüseyin Göksu, the Vice President of TCF.

U15 General category
1. Rail Makhmutov (Russia) 7 points
2. Ufuk Sezen Arat (Türkiye) 7 points
3. Nafis Talipov (Russia) 6,5 points

U15 Girls category
1. Adriana Pachon (Colombia) 7 points
2. Ayça Fatma Durmaz (Türkiye) 6,5 points
3. Paula Andrea Rodriguez Rueda (Colombia) 6,5 points

dsc_0203.jpg  dsc_0220.jpg 

Erdoğan Ayata, the Education Director of Kayseri gave the awards and presents of the U13 Girls category. Yahya Şahan, the Director of Youth and Sports gave the awards and presents of U13 Open category.

U13 General category

1. Cemil Can Ali Marandi (Türkiye) 7,5 points
2. Vahap Şanal (Türkiye) 7 points
3. Batuhan Daştan ( Türkiye) 7 points

U13 Girls category

1. Ayyyna  Egorova (Russia) 7,5 points
2. Ramilya Zamalova (Russia) 6 points
3. Jemal  Owezdurdiyeva (Türkmenistan) 6 points

dsc_0237.jpg  dsc_0255.jpg 

İlhan Berik, Board Member of TCF gave the awards and presents of U11 Girls category. Alexander Kostyev, the President of ISCU and Murat Kul, the Deputy President of TCF gave the awards and presents of U11 Open category

U11 General category

1. M Reza Asgharzadeh (İran) 7,5 points
2. Bahadır Özen (Türkiye) 7 points
3. Jose Eduardo Martinez Alcantara (Peru) 6,5 points

U11 Girls category

1. Zhansaya Abdumalik (Kazakhistan) 9 points
2. Nisan Ulusoy (Türkiye) 6,5 points
3. Dita Karenza (Indonesia) 6 points

dsc_0275.jpg  dsc_0290.jpg 

Sevan Muradian from the USA Chess Federation and Ömer Küçüközcan, Board Member of TCF gave the awards and presents of U9 Girls category. Dirk deReader from the Belgian Chess Federation and Aşkın Keleş, Board Member of TCF gave awards and presents of U9 Open category.

U9 General category

1. Aryan Gholami (Iran) 7 points
2. Belurkar Nitish (India) 7 points
3. Rad Jannesar (Iran) 7 points

U9 Girls category

1. Asad Qizi Balajayeva Khanim (Azerbaijan) 7,5 points
2. Alexandra  Obolentseva (Russia) 7,5 points
3. Bengü Sena Ayan (Türkiye) 6,5 points

dsc_0312.jpg  dsc_0330.jpg 

Arda Kılıç, Board Member of TCF and Murat Şengül, the member of the auditing commission of TCF gave awards and presents of the U7 Girls category. Mehmet Kaya, the Deputy President of TCF gave awards and presents of U7 Open category.

U17 General category

1. Mahan Saberi Kamarposhti (Iran) 7,5 points
2. Emirhan Tarlabaşı (Türkiye) 6,5 points
3. Ridit Nimdia (India) 6,5 points

U17 Girls category

1. Mayya Eliseeva (Russia) 11 points
2. Helya Bahavar (Iran) 10 points
3. Nicole Nathaly Rocha Herrera (Peru) 8,5 points

dsc_0340.jpg  dsc_0355.jpg 
The Governor of Kayseri, Mevlüt Bilici gave the  awards of the first 3 countries with the most medals and the Deputy President of FIDE Georgios Makropoulos gave the awards of the 5 individual results

The best 5 individual results


The first 3 countries with the most medals


                                                                                                Turkish award - winners
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010